Collaborators working together to help cancer patients feel better and do better.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance (MTCA)
Exercise Oncology Program Development and Cancer Coaches

Working together to improve the quality of lives through exercise and activity of individuals who battle cancer.

The Entrepreneurs’ Center (EC)
Entrepreneur Collaboration

The EC is a modern economic development organization that powers progress and prosperity through entrepreneurship. Annually, the EC works with over 1,000 brilliant entrepreneurs to start and grow companies, create jobs, generate revenue, and attract investment right here in the Dayton Region. We are local by design, national in impact and are proud to continue working with and supporting 4CancerWellness and their mission of improving wellbeing.

The Hub Powered by PNC Bank
Office Member

4CancerWellness has been an active member of The Hub’s coworking and innovation center since we opened our doors in early 2021. 4CancerWellness is one of the most active members in the space including participating in The Hub’s social spotlights, sponsorship opportunities, and member events. The team at 4CancerWellness helps contribute to the culture and makes The Hub a more enjoyable place to work!

Cedarville University School of Pharmacy (CUSOP)
Clinical Trials Research and Systematic Reviews

Working together allows students to gain valuable research and transformative education experiences while supporting the mission of 4CancerWellness. These collaborative efforts also add to information for the scientific and medical community to advance patient quality of life, and help patients with cancer feel and do better.

The STITT Scholars Program at the University of Dayton (UD)
Evidence-Based Research

The STITT Scholars benefit from enhancing their research skills while helping 4CancerWellness identify evidence-based resources to support its core business model and mission.

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